Social Responsibility

At The AVT Group, we believe in giving back to the community through our initiatives in Medical Care, Education, Rural Infrastructure and Development, Environmental Protection, Social Equality and Labor Welfare.

Medical Care: Setting up of primary healthcare centers and clinics, as well as supporting polio eradication and cancer awareness programs.

Education: Funding construction of school blocks, financing purchase of classroom science lab equipment and sponsoring high achieving students.

Rural Infrastructure and Development: Developing as well as maintaining local roads, street lights, irrigation wells and drinking water tanks.

Environmental Protection: Supporting environmental protection awareness programs, providing ‘seeding distribution’ to villages as well as running canal and pond cleaning projects.

Social Equality: Empowering women by financing ‘grow bags’, setting up of embroidery units and self help groups.

Labor Welfare: Providing free housing, primary schools, medical facilities, child care centers and clean running water to employees on group plantation properties.

In addition, The AVT Group Trust also contributes directly to other charitable institutions, such as hospitals, orphanages and old age homes.